A managed security service provider MSSP Georgia is an information technology (IT) service Company that offers security services to businesses. The role of an MSSP.ge is to help to protect businesses from security threats, by providing services that keep company data safe or building a network of security experts that respond to cyber attacks as it occurs.

MSSP.ge provides cybersecurity monitoring and management, which include virus and spam blocking, intrusion detection, firewalls and virtual private network (VPN) management. MSSP.ge also handles cases such as system changes, modifications and upgrades.

MSSP.ge offers a full range of diversity and inclusion services , such as continuous security monitoring, vulnerability risk assessment, threat intelligence and assessments, intrusion management access control.

MSSP.ge provides an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your data and network from intrusions and reduces the complexity of the process.

Managed Security Services are much cheaper than hiring in-house. Also outsourcing gives you a whole team of MSSP.ge experts at your disposal.

MSSP.ge can also help businesses save money on equipment and software tools.


MSSP.ge  provides security recommendations and the highest level of continuous security service, and develops and implements policies to help protect a company's infrastructure.

MSSP.ge provides support to achieve and maintain compliance with various information security standards:

ISO 27001





Besides its own capacity, MSSP.ge  relies on support of strong technology, consulting and operational partners.


Cloudfresh – international company that provides advanced solutions and tools for digital transformation that increases efficiency, reduces maintenance costs of IT-infrastructure and helps organizations in solving complex problems in the information technology age.


Qmaro provides professional IT services for business. Our specialization is the construction of corporate IT infrastructure, design of corporate network as well as the introduction of IT services and information security systems.


MSSP.ge is Project and Branding of LTD YSS

E-mail: info@mssp.ge